Welcome To The Wandering Star


The title of this website is borrowed from the movie, Paint Your Wagon, in which Lee Marvin warbles seriously off-key, that he “was born under a wandering star”.  I think that I must have been born under one as well, since one of my life goals is to travel the world. And while my husband and I have visited over 100 countries, we don’t want to be just tourists – we want to be travelers. That is, we want to fully experience the history, the culture, the wildlife, and the people, along with the landscapes and scenery of this beautiful planet of ours. Initially I kept travel journals along with countless photographs to remember each day and each adventure that we experienced as we traveled, but then one friend, then another and another asked that I share my journals with them. And so I am embarking on a new adventure – putting my journals on line in order to share them. They are not intended to be chronological nor current.  They are simply a recording of a personal experience at a particular place and time that we feel has enriched our lives, and if you read any of the entries, I hope it brings some pleasure to yours. It is good to remember the words of J.R.R. Tolkien: “Not all who wander are lost”